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PYB3 – Coursework/Practical Investigation | AQA B Psychology
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PYB3 – Coursework/Practical Investigation

The assessment of a practical investigation

One full report of a practical investigation is required from each candidate. The investigation must be drawn from the content of the AS specification i.e. based on the topics in Modules1 and 2. The report should be organised using the headings set out below (12.3) and is expected to be about 1500-2000 words in length (excluding appendices). The investigation should be the independent work of each individual candidate. The candidate should design and carry out the investigation, working entirely on his/her own. Under no circumstances should candidates pool data.

The coursework consists of the following parts, in this order:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Method
    • Design
    • Participants
    • Apparatus and Materials
    • Procedure
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • References
  • Appendix

There will be 4 sills demonstrated within the report

  • SKILL A – Design
  • SKILL B – Implementation
  • SKILL C – Analysis and Design
  • SKILL D – Communication

Assessment of the Report

Assessment of the report the report will be marked by AQA examiners using the following marking criteria. Candidates will be awarded up to two marks for each skill demonstrated. Candidates will be expected to provide information which is relevant and appropriate to the context of their specific investigations to gain marks.

Skill A

  • Background material;
  • Hypothesis stated;
  • Variables identified and operationalised;
  • Possible extraneous variable identified and explained;
  • Control suggested for extraneous variable;
  • Target population identified;
  • Sampling method identified;
  • Sampling method justified;
  • Task and materials designed, described and justified;
  • Ethical issue identified;
  • Control suggested for ethical issue;
  • Procedure described;
  • Procedure replicable.

28 Marks

Skill B

  • Evidence from reporting of ethical treatment of participants;
  • Evidence from reporting of procedures carried out appropriately.

4 Marks

Skill C

  • Data presented in appropriate summary form; Interpretation
  • Summary data headed appropriately;
  • Calculation performed on raw data;
  • Verbal summary of data;
  • Results related to hypothesis;
  • Results related to background material;
  • Conclusion drawn or implication(s) outlined;
  • Appreciation of limitation of investigation;
  • Suggestion for improvement of investigation;
  • Suggestion for further research.

20 Marks

Skill D

  • All components of report present;
  • Accurate use of terminology;
  • Abstract presented appropriately;
  • References presented appropriately.

8 Marks

Total of 60 Marks on Module 3

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