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Rogers – The Humanistic Perspective | AQA B Psychology
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Rogers – The Humanistic Perspective


  • Focuses on the higher motivation of humans
  • Individual subjective experience. How the individual perceives the world.
  • Personal Agency – Individuals are motivated to achieve personal growth. Fulfil potential. Freewill
  • Personal Growth – Awareness of feelings, motivations, informed choices and fulfil potential
  • Holistic Approach – Looks at whole person, not just one part. E.g., memory.
  • Introspective data – understand the individual in depth. Allows you to look at feelings and emotions
  • Objective observation is impossible as we are selective in what we observe
  • Generalization is impossible, as no 2 social situations are identical.


  • Not scientific
  • Not testable
  • Vague
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