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Anxiety Disorders | AQA B Psychology


Anxiety Disorders: An Introduction to Phobias & Explanations

BIOLOGICAL APPROACH Genetic Factors Some people acquire phobias whilst others do not, even if they have the same opportunities for learning. Suggests biology/genetics may play a role. The main evidence on genetic factors in the development of phobias comes from twin studies, although some family studies have also been carried out. • Twin studies (attempt [...]

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Anxiety Disorders: Treatments and their Effectiveness

Treatment BEHAVIOUR THERAPY Behaviour therapy developed during the late 1950s & .1960s. The underlying ideas are that most forms of mental illness occur through maladaptive (faulty) learning, & that the best treatment consists of appropriate new learning. Behaviour therapy is therefore based on the assumption that classical & operant conditioning can change unwanted/abnormal behaviour (e.g. [...]

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DSM IV Criteria for Specific Phobia/Social Phobia (PDF)

A bullet-point sheet outlining all the DSM IV criteria for Specific Phobia View the worksheet here Generate a PDF Version (Save and Print this page)

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Introduction, Explanations and Treatments

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Everyone has a fear or routine for something But, someone with an OCD → becomes so invasive and is accompanied by severe anxiety → cant function effectively in daily life Is the most severe anxiety disorders and is the most difficult to treat Obsession – persistent and recurrent, thoughts and images which [...]

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