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Debates In Psychology | AQA B Psychology



Reductionism Reductionism – the argument that we can explain behaviour and experiences by reference to only one factor, such as physiology or learning. Reductionism and determinism → closely linked, where you find one, likely to find the other. Rose (1997) – identified 3 different forms of reductionism Methodological reductionism – refers to the use of [...]

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Psychology as a Science

Definitions & Varieties of Science Humans invented science and its methods of investigations, but then humans began using the same methods but to study the mind and behaviour. 100yrs of years ago ‘science’ was fast becoming the only respectable way of obtaining ‘proper’ knowledge. Definitions Science refers to either:* the scientific method – a process [...]

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Psychology – Nature and Nurture

Nature and Nurture Nature – refers to those characteristics and abilities that that are determined by your genes. Supporters of this view = hereditarians or nativists Nurture – refers to the influences of experience and environment. A belief that all knowledge is gained through experience Supporters of this view = empiricists The debate is an [...]

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