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Conformity | AQA B Psychology


Conformity and Acsh’s Experiment

Conformity Conformity – involves a change of behaviour or opinion in order to fit in with a group. What is it? When people “go along” with the majority/minority opinion or behaviour. Conformity involves social influence Why People Conform? Compliance [ASCH] Conform to the group norm to avoid punishment. Normative [ASCH] Peer pressure, Scared of rejection. Informational [SHERIF] [...]

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Sherif’s Experiment (1935)

Experimentation: SHERIF (1935) The auto kinetic effect: In this experiment, a single point of light in a dark room seems to move. In the experiment, the subjects are unable to keep their eyes perfectly still and, in the dark, there is no point of reference. Sherif conducted two versions of this experiment: 1. Individuals were [...]

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Crutchfield’s Experiment

Experimentation: CRUTCHFIELD Aim Observe the effect on private to public conformity Method: Participants placed in booths of their own in a private atmosphere Asked to agree and disagree Aware of answer of others too – after they had been manipulated by the experimenter Results Conformity changed depending on task Conclusion Conformity varied depending on the [...]

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Minority Influence and Moscovici’s Study

Minority Influence Main factors: consistency and confidence A minority group can also strongly influence an individual, this is more likely when the minority are the ‘in group’, possibly due to social status or age, or they are acting out of principle and have made personal sacrifices in the pursuit of their beliefs. Moscovici designed an [...]

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