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Obedience | AQA B Psychology


Obedience and Milgram’s Study

Obedience: Following someone else’s instructions. Perhaps they are an authority figure. Obedience is not as general as conformity, it is related to specific instruction from another person. Why people obey? Milgram proposed the agentic theory: When we act as the agent of someone in authority we find it easy to deny personal responsibility for our actions [...]

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Zimbardo’s Prison Experiment

Researchers, led by Philip Zimbardo, created a mock prison in 1973 in a laboratory basement, using as subjects 21 healthy male undergraduate volunteers (Haney, Banks, & Zimbardo, 1973). Each person was to receive $15 a day for 2 weeks. Nine of the students were randomly selected to be “prisoners,” while the rest were divided into [...]

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